Professional Virtual Magician for Online Events

Discover how professional Virtual Magician, Michael Bourada can perform an amazing online magic show that will excite and astonish your friends and colleagues during meetings, happy hours or friendly get togethers. His show can be performed on Zoom, Teams, Google, Webex and many other platforms.

With recent virtual performances for Adobe, Google, Shopify, Amazon, Pfizer, Pinterest and many more, Michael will bring amazing interactive entertainment to your next virtual event. Scroll down to learn more and watch video; you can also use the form to have further details sent to you or BOOK A FREE DEMO!

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The Virtual Performance

Michael’s show is the ultimate virtual entertainment solution for team meetings, gatherings and people looking to experience something new. His shows are customized for your group and presented virtually on any platform of your choosing, including Zoom, Google, Teams, WebEx and more. Do you think you have seen it all… think again! Michael will perform amazing magic while using multiple volunteers from the gallery audience to truly experience the incredible and become some of the stars of the show. He engages and dazzles his audiences presenting an assortment of hilarious and thrilling magic, mind-reading, influence and quick wit; truly leaving a lasting impression on everyone viewing. Think of it like a custom TV special tailored specifically for your special event! His performances are done in a professional studio with HD cameras and TV grade sound & lighting. Additionally, because there are no travel expenses and setup is quicker, the cost is more affordable than you’d think!


There are many different options when it comes to video conferencing software, the most popular choices are Zoom, Google, Webex, Cisco, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Facebook Live and Youtube Live. The setup is simple and quick – Michael can take care of all the backend tech and logistics so that you and your group can simply enjoy the show. For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions or send an email.

Online Shows for Parties, Gatherings and More!

Planning something fun and can’t or don’t want to leave the house? A party, get-together or more? Michael has shows for all ages and can customize a performance perfect for your event…

Thrilling You Online!

Witness a performance of mind-blowing mental feats, amazing magic and laugh out loud moments – specifically for online events. If you think you have seen it all, think again! The show is based around interaction and participation; members of the audience are called upon to experience the incredible virtually and become some of the stars of the performance. It could be for a family birthday or a gathering with friends, regardless all the magic he performs is customized to your age group. He engages and dazzles his audiences using an assortment of hilarious, visual and amazing magic, mind-reading, influence and quick wit; truly leaving a lasting impression on everyone watching.

In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize your streaming event and most importantly, make it memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions:


The virtual shows offered can vary from 15 minutes to 50 minutes. The show consists of amazing interactive magic and incredible mental feats where your guests are captivated through the screen. This is not like watching a magician or mind reader on TV or Youtube, its an interactive experience that YOU and YOUR GROUP become a part of! Virtual online magic shows can be viewed by as little as 2 people to over 2000 people. This isn’t a show presented in a living room on a laptop camera – its performed in a professional studio environment and Michael can offer a free live demonstration so you can see the high production value and a sample of the amazing magic!. See the frequently asked questions for more information.

In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize any messaging or special requests and most importantly, make it memorable. Experience the difference and why so many groups trust Michael to deliver a captivating performance. Michael has made a strong pivot to the online world and even has over 2,000,000 followers on social media who tune in daily to see his amazing magic tricks!

Scroll down for Michael’s live performance demo reel.

What is a Virtual Magic Show?

In Michael’s virtual magic shows, he interacts and amazes your audience members with mind-blowing mental feats and thrilling, hilarious magic. Your guests will watch from their home, office, or HOME OFFICE all while Michael makes some of the viewing audience the stars of the show!

Why choose Michael's virtual magic show?

Michael is one of the most sought after entertainers in the country today. His engaging charm and high energy performances have been seen by many Fortune 500 companies and corporate groups. As a performer with over 5000 shows under his belt, 20 years experience, international TV appearances, a social media following of over TWO MILLION people and more, you can trust Michael to bring his professionalism and incredible show to your event. Since the turn to virtual events, Michael hasn’t slowed down – he is performing for groups all over the world! Don’t be fooled, this isn’t some guy in his living room with a laptop, Michael’s show is presented live in a professional studio with multiple HD cameras, TV grade lighting and sound!

Who is Michael's Virtual Magic Show For?

Michael’s show can be for an assortment of different events. Typically most groups inject some fun and excitement into their virtual meetings using Michael’s amazing magic. However, perhaps you are doing a product launch, virtual trade show or need a motivational spark – Michael can do that. The virtual magic show can also be great for celebrations, birthdays, family fun and so much more. The possibilities for customization are endless!

How good could Michael's virtual magic show really be?

Well, if you trust experience and the word of others (including well known celebrities), then you’ll know Michael’s show is the real deal. He has accolades from Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller), Carrie Underwood, Magic Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Patrick Chan not to mention performing virtually for some of the biggest corporations on the planet such as Google, Coca-Cola, Shopify and more!

What platform works best for a virtual magic show?

What platform works for you is the real answer! The show is typically performed on Zoom – a link is sent to you and everyone can log in and enjoy! But, others have elected to use Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Verizon BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Intrado and so much more!

Is it hard to set up a virtual magic show?

No – it couldn’t be easier. All the work is done for you so that you only have to click a link at the requested time and enjoy! The booking process is SO easy, quick and straight forward too!

How much does it cost for a virtual magic show?

Michael will work with your group to come up with a solution and price based on what you require. The good news is some of the costs of travel, accommodation and set up time are no longer in the equation so that added savings is passed on to the customer (you). Send an email to find out the easy steps to booking.

See Michael In-Action!

Adaptability To Amaze Any Audience

Through 20+ years of experience and due to the varying demands of being a performer for many different types of events, Michael has learned to become a ‘versatile’ performer, ensuring he can engage and entertain audiences of any size, from live shows to virtual online performances.

He has performed over 6000 shows, has a whopping 2.5 Million followers on social media, seen in over 25 different countries and been featured on major television networks across North America, including performing for Penn & Teller on their hit international TV show, Fool Us. He performs at over 350 events annually and is an award-winning entertainer.

Years Experience
Performed Shows
Followers on Social Media

Why choose Michael?


Trust Experience

Entertainment is an art, entertaining is a skill – trust a professional. Michael has over 20 years experience and has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. He is also an award-winning entertainer!



In a world where a lot of people are the same, Michael’s presentation is unmatched and unique. He performs thrilling magic and mind-blowing mental feats; presentations sure to capture the imagination of your guests.



He has different show options and lengths that can meet your desired needs. His show and script can be altered to your specific requirement.


Award Winning

Michael is an award-winning entertainer and has also been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year.

Make it Memorable - Make it Michael!

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